Our Locations

Over the past 40 years, Chestnut Hill Realty has worked diligently to identify quality apartment home properties in highly desirable and convenient locations throughout Greater Boston and Rhode Island. We've made every effort to ensure that our apartment communities are well maintained, offer the most desirable features and amenities, and are located in close proximity to public transportation, schools and shopping. As a result, we're able to offer the best values in apartment living in some of the most unique and interesting communities in the country.

Brighton, an area on the northwest corner of Boston, is an ideal location for apartment home properties. Names for the English town of Brighton and Hove, Brighton is well known for Beacon Street, which features unique shopping, restaurants and nightlife – all within easy reach of our apartment homes at Selkirk Place, Kilsyth Court, Kilsyth Manor, Kilsyth Hall and Newton Park.

Brookline, originally settled in the early part of the 1600s as a part of Greater Boston, is located in Norfolk county. It is a popular suburb of Boston and close to the town of Cambridge. The name of the town derives from the many brooks that once market the boundaries between it and other towns such as Brighton and Roxbury. Brookline has always taken its status as a friendly, small town neighborhood very seriously, leading to a community which is focused on foot traffic, boutique shops and historical preservation. Our properties, which include Longwood Towers, Hancock Village, Hampton Court, St. Paul Gardens and Beacon Fairbanks Manor, are within an easy walk or short drive to several prominent recreational areas in Brookline, including the 64 acre Larz Anderson Park, and the popular Coolidge Corner retail district.

We’ve chosen our Cambridge apartment communities with care, selecting not only vintage buildings with style and functionality, but also within walking distance to shops, dining and transportation. Founded in honor of a University of the same name in England, the city of Cambridge is home to two of the world’s most prominent institutions of higher learning – Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Our apartments at Brattle Arms, Chauncy Court and Wendell Terrace are a short walk to both post-secondary institutions, as well as the famous Harvard Square. Cambridge is alive with the energy of learning, progress and innovation, and the ideal location of our properties gives our residents easy access to the city of Boston and commuter rail to nearby Providence, RI.

Our Rhode Island property is located in Providence. Providence, the capital of Rhode Island, is the location of Regency Plaza, a premiere high rise apartment complex in the heart of the city. Featuring a pool, tennis court and generously landscaped grounds, Regency Plaza is a touch of luxury in the midst of the "creative capital," so named for its focus on art, festivals, and diverse cultural makeup.

With other locations like Norwood, Chestnut Hill, Canton, Framingham, Plainville, and West Roxbury, we're committed to making sure that each Chestnut Hill Realty property represents the best in apartment home living in the area, at the best value.

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